is for Kolyma

As the first Inspector General of the 9chan Central Group said, in an open letter to the employees some years ago, "Central Group isnt here as a corporate backup, its a security company. We are here to protect the boards". Today, that still holds true. Since 2005, we have found, catalogged, and contained over 1,000 malicious pieces of software, blocked 1.5 Million+ Attacks, and safeguarded various websites around the web. more

In 2005, we started out small. Our job was to keep 9ch safe. When Kolyma left 9ch as a partner, and became the parent, it was big, really big, we became our own thing. Now, ten years later, we do everything. CGLAB has pioneered some really intuitive and interesting software, CGSEC has kept thousands safe during uncertain times, and CGMOD has been the backbone of every Kolyma Project since day one. Today is our day, and as we celebrate year ten, lets keep it in our minds who got us here.

— Антон Максимов, 10th 9ch Anniversary.